>International Police Patches Collection For Sale

>A Very Large International Police Patches Collection For Sale. Patches from All Countries around the Globe. Can be purchased Complete OR By Region/Country ONLY  Not individually.

If you are interested please Email me and i can then get you a photo of the Sections or whole Collection on request. Price Negotiable.

Police Patches American
Alabama Trooper Texas DPS H Patrol

Alaska State trooper Utah H Patrol

Arizona Dept Public Safety Vermont State Police

Arkansas State Police Virginia State Police

California H Patrol Washington State Patrol

California State Police West Virginia State Police

Colorado State Patrol Wisconsin State Patrol

Connecticut StatePolice Wyoming H Patrol

Delaware State police

Florida H Patrol

Georgia State Patrol City of New York Pol Dept

Honolulu Police Chicago Police

Idaho State Police San Francisco Police

Illinois State H Patrol Seattle Police

Indiana State Police Met. Washington Air Auth

Iowa H Patrol (Dulles National)

Kansas H Patrol District of Columbia Met Pol

Kentucky State Police Anchorage Alaska

Louisiana State Police

Maine State Police

Maryland State Police

Massachusetts State Police

Michigan State police

Minnesota State Patrol

Mississippi H Patrol

Missouri S H Patrol

Montana H Police

Nebraska State Patrol

Nevada H Patrol

New Hampshire DPS

New Jersey State police

New Mexico State Police

New York State Police

North Carolina H Patrol

North Dakota H Patrol

Ohio S H Patrol

Oklahoma H Patrol

Oregon State Police

Pennsylvania State Police

Pennsylvania S H Patrol

Rhode Island State Police

South Carolina H Patrol

South Dakota H Patrol

Tennessee Trooper

Police Patches International

Andorra Police Obsolete


Mountain Police

Border Police

Motorcycle Police

City Police Patrol

Armenia Ministry of State Security

Border Troops

Interpol National Central Bureau

Anti Drug Police Dept

Pol Dept for struggle against Organised Crime

Transport Police

State Road Police

Police Academy

Municiple Police EREVAN city (Capital)

Min of State Secretary

Australia Northern Territory OS

Northern Territory Shield

New South Wales Police

New South Wales Highway Patrol


Queensland (smaller)

South Australia Police

South Australia SA Police

Tasmania Police

Victoria Police

Australian Federal Police

Corrective Services NSW

Protective Service

Austria Police

Azerbaijan Police

Police Academy Baku City (capital)

State Road Police

Police Patrol Service

Police unit for Guard of Diplomatic Corps

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Bahamas Police Blazer badge

Belgium Police current

Belgium Police

Belarus Spec Police unit of quick reaction

Spec Police unit Diamond

Spec Police unit Diamond

Road Police 1st type

Road Police 2nd type

Road Police 3rd type

Road Police 4th type

Special unit Presidents Guard

Special Battalion Transport Police

Special Police Battalion Vitebsk City

Special Police unit

K9 Training Centre


Special Police Brigade

Police, Minsk City (capital)

Special Police unit of quick reaction

Bermuda Police

EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Bosnia & Herzegovina State Border Service

Canada RCMP / GRC

Haldimand Norfolk Regional Police

Hammilton / Wentworth Regional Police

Monkcton Regional Police

Niagra Parks Police


Ontario Indian Police association

Ville De Quebec Police

Cite de Shawningan Police

Toronto Met Police

Vancouver Police

Victoria BC

Chechnja Police

Police Institute

Spec Pol unit

Lonely Wolf 1996-1999

Ministry of State Security

Pol Operative Brigade, Groznyj City

Border Guard

Spec Police Weapons and Tactic unit, Argun city

China Police

Czech Republic Minicipal Police


Czechoslovakia Police, Prague City

Estonia Police O/S

Police Current title

Baltic Squadron of Peace Keeping forces

-Estonia, Latvia, Lithunania, & Denmark

Falkland Islands Royal Falkland Islands Police

France Police National Title


Securite Publique

Police Minicipale

Georgia Police

Police Abhazia Region

Ground units of Border Troops

Marine unit of Border Troops

Spec unit Omega of State Security Service

Police Abhazia Republic

Germany Schleswig-Holstein















Royal Gibraltar Police

Greece Greek Police

Police (3 versions)

Pilots wings

Traffic Police

9 other greek patches

Holland Federal Police

Hungary Police Budapest


Highway Patrol Budapest/Vienna

Police Bomb Squad

Mounted Police

Israel Police

Italy Carabinieri

Carabinieri – Helicopter Pilot

Polizia de Sato

Jordan Police AMMAN City

Bedouin Police

Police IRBID City

Police Academy

Police Training School

Kazakhstan Police

Police AKMOLA city

Police Institute

Special Police unit ALAMA ATA city

Special Police unit

Kirgizia Police – Yellow for dress uniform

Police – Blue for day uniform

Special Police unit

State Security Police

Kuwait Kuwait Police

Latvia Police

Municipal Police – GULBENE

Municipal Police – DAUGAVPILS

Municipal Police – JELGAVA

Municipal Police – SIGULDA

Special Police unit

Special Police unit

Mobile police

Lithuania Police



Police Academy

Police Academy – new

Pol Passport control on Borders

Lithuania Border Guards

Spec Pol unit of quick reaction ARAS Eagle

Police – new

Malta Police

Moldova Police College

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Main Police Department


Special Police unit

Internal Troops

Police Academy

Road Police

Police Guagaz Region

Border Troops unit

New Zealand Police

Ministry of Transport

Norway Police x2

Pakistan Pakistan


Poland Police

Anti drugs unit


Patrol & Prevention unit Warsaw

Military Police (communist era)

Quatar Police

Russia Interpol Bureau in Russia

Police College Moscow

State Road Police Service


Police USSR

Police anti drug dept

Municipal Police Moscow

Special Platoon of Road Police Moscow

Special Police School St Petersburgh

Brigade of Chechnja

Police Ingushetija Republic

Spec Pol unit Ingushetija

SWAT Dagestan Republic

Police Harty Marisysk

Border Troops

Russia Spec Pol unit Dzerdzinsk City

Tax Police

Peace keeping Force

Spec Customs unit of quick reaction Kalingrad

Spec Customs unit of quick reaction Volga River Spec

Spec Customs unit of quick reaction Madigan City

Spec Customs unit of quick reaction Ural Region

Special Police unit Moscow

Special Police unit Moscow

Marine unit of Customs

Police own Struggle against Corruption

Presidents own Regiment

Federal Guard Service

Spec Police unit of Federal Security

Arctic Border Troops

Federal Counter Intelligence Service K9 unit

Underground Police Moscow

Spec Police unit

Special Division of internal Troops – Snipers

Special unit of Mordovija Republic

Police Bomb Squad

Police K9

Sniper of Border Troops

Sniper of Special unit of Internal Troops

Spec Reconnaissance Company Internal Troops

Special Police unit

San Marino Police

Slovakia Police

Slovenia Police

Police Academy

Anti Terrorist unit Ljubljana City

Consulates Guard

Criminal Police


Police Local Albatera



Ayuntamianto de Badajoz



Caldes de Montebui


Longrono La Rioja


Spain Local Palma

Saint Joan Despi

Sta Cristina D’Aro



9 unnamed patches

Policia Municipal Girona


Udal Tzaingoa


Guardia Urbana Barcelona

Guardia Civil ARS

Castella La Mancha

Castella y Leon


Cuerpo National De Policia

IASS Junta de Andalucia

Mossos d’Esquadra

Mossos d’Esquadra Aspirant – Catalunya

5 unexplained patches

St Helena St Helena Police

Sweden Police

Tajikistan Police 1st & 2nd variants

Spec Police unit dept for struggle against organised crime

Turkmenistan Police

Ukraine Central Police Dept

Police Patrol Service

Main Pol Dept Kiev City

Spec Police Guard Diplomatic Corps

Police dept for struggle against organised crime

Spec Police unit – Leopard

Spec Police unit SOKOL

Spec Police unit Thunderstorm State Road Police white

Spec Police unit Thunderstorm State Road Police Black

Police Training Centre Harkov City

Police Rescue unit

Spec Police unit Berkut Yalta, Crimea Region

Military Police

Transport Police

Spec unit Alpha of State Security Service

Spec Police unit Bars

Spec Police unit Sokil for struggle a



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I specialise in Buying Selling and Trading Police and International Law enforcement Memorabilia and Collectables
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2 Responses to >International Police Patches Collection For Sale

  1. Nathanael Rains says:

    Hi my name is Nathanael Rains and I am going to be a police officer. I collect all sorts of police patches and I found several of your’s that I liked .I live in the USA and was wondering where you lived?

  2. will says:

    are the patches still available my email is royco33@hotmail.com thanks will

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